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durango mixed media artistsArtist's Statement

I enjoy the challenge and freedom of using
disparate elements in my work. One complete piece is a
collection of many small works, each with its own unique
characteristics regarding medium, degree of abstraction, size,
colors, etc. They play off of one-another with contrasts; dissonance
for tension and commonalities for resonance. The process is
demanding and playful at the same time. Design
determines its success and look of spontaneity.
There is an intentional childlike quality that derives
from my appreciation of young children’s
art, with their unrestricted freedom
and fundamental folk quality.

In 2008 I began a series of workshops
by Michael Coffee, owner of Shy Rabbit Contemporary Arts gallery in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, on his approaches to ink reduction
printmaking. I continue to use some of his techniques; however,
his support and encouragement of my own style has had
an even greater influence on my work.

Other sources of inspiration include structure and design from
old Spanish/Mexican pottery, old photographic images, paintings
from earlier periods in the 20th century and from other current contemporary trends. Written words and other written symbols provide satisfaction for the element of line they introduce and the hint of a message. And finally, the surprise of humor one way or another, in
what is actually a serious work, assures the important element of play.